Ventilacijski sistemi Galebreakeragri

Zastopamo ventilacijske sisteme Galebreakeragri.

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Sistemi za obdelavo Trave

Zastopamo kvalitetne izdelke za obdelavo trave - Major.

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Major Equipment Intl Ltd is a manufacturer and international exporter of a comprehensive range of grass cutting, slurry handling and site equipment. We manufacture and distribute products under the brand name of MAJOR

We have been manufacturing machinery since 1976. The product range includes pasture toppers, flail shredders and mowers, roller mowers, slurry tankers, slurry injection equipment for the amenity, agricultural site maintenance and leisure grass industries.

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Fattori is a company specialized in the production of prefabricated concrete structures for the agricultural, ecological and industrial sector.

We produce concrete structures for irrigation, pig farming equipment, cattle farming equipment and prefabricated structures for slurry, fodder and aggregates storage.

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Galebreaker have been manufacturing access solutions, weather protection systems and ventilation products for agricultural buildings for over 30 years.

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Dairymaster, a world leader in dairy equipment manufacturing, operates from its head office in Causeway, Co. Kerry, Ireland as well as having operations in the UK and USA. Dairymaster has customers in over 40 countries worldwide. The company was founded in 1968 by Ned Harty.

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EASYFIX is a family owned business. Michael Earls established the company in 1996 with one product EASYFIX Slat Rubber and today we have developed an extensive portfolio of products exclusively for the beef, dairy, veal, equine, gyms, crèches, decking and safety industries.

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